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January 2022
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Creative Director: Joshua Darby
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Yohrs is a small, UK-based HR practice, working with other businesses of various sizes and stages of their cycle. Its tailored solutions allow employers to enrich their employees’ professional experiences. By putting people first, Yohrs helps build companies anyone would want to work for.

When Yohrs initially approached us at Question Marque, they were in the nascent stages of their journey as a startup. As their chosen creative agency, we were entrusted with the task of conceptualising and creating their brand identity from the ground up.

The opportunity

When Yohrs initially engaged Question Marque, the opportunity was clear – to create a brand identity that would set them apart from the typical, often mundane corporate image associated with HR. In a field frequently perceived as dull, we saw a chance to infuse Yohrs with fresh and distinctive appeal. Our strategy centered on making Yohrs all about people, emphasising a more human approach to Human Resources.

This vision materialised in the tagline "making human resources, more human," which encapsulated our commitment to innovation and a people-centric HR perspective. By seizing this opportunity to redefine HR as vibrant and human-focused, Yohrs stood out in the market, resonating with clients looking for a refreshing and innovative HR consultancy partner.

What we did

To tell that story, we created a flexible, animated logo that fluctuates in size to represent the diversity of the businesses Yohrs works with. When animating, it also reveals the letters ‘HR’ in the workmark. We then created an illustration set with various workplace scenes to interact with the new design language in a way that feels fresh, fun and playful, but also premium and authoritative.

The outcome

The revitalised brand identity brought substantial growth to Yohrs, establishing it as a dynamic force in the HR sector. A standout achievement was Yohrs' prominent presence on LinkedIn, where it engaged clients and industry professionals, solidifying its position as a thought leader.

This renewed identity attracted a surge of new client inquiries, expanding Yohrs' client base and necessitating team expansion. As Yohrs thrived, new team members with diverse expertise joined, enhancing its ability to offer tailored HR solutions and top-tier client service.

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