Lies about the War

Album artwork for world renowned soul and R&B artist, Jacob Banks.
Nobody Records, Polydor & Universal Music France
May 2022
Album artwork for;
- Vinyl
- CD
- Apple Music
- Spotify

Album campaign assets
Social assets
Creative Art Direction & Design: Joshua Darby, Animation: Ross Shepherd, Original Painting: Tariq Oliver, Photographer: Edward Cooke, Stylist: PC Williams

Question Marque had the privilege of being the selected agency entrusted with the task of crafting the album artwork and assets for the modern soul classic, by artist Jacob Banks, titled 'Lies about the War.'

Our journey involved collaboration between with Banks' and his team. Together, we embarked on a creative endeavour to conceive an iconic album cover that would harmonise seamlessly with Banks' soulful musical opus.

This multifaceted project encompassed the design of a 12" vinyl cover, a captivating gatefold CD cover, and the creation of a dynamic animated version of the album artwork tailored for streaming platforms Apple Music and Spotify. The result was a visual spectacle that not only complemented Banks' music but also captivated the viewer's gaze, inviting them into the world of 'Lies about the War.'

The opportunity

Working alongside an exceptionally gifted musician like Jacob Banks is an extraordinary privilege that comes once in a lifetime. Banks' dedication to championing emerging black artists for his album art was a testament to his commitment to both music and artistry. For 'Lies about the War,' Banks had entrusted New York artist Tariq Oliver to create the cover painting, continuing his tradition of collaborating with emerging talent.

The initial request presented to Question Marque seemed straightforward – a typographic solution to complement the album's cover and design for the back and inserts of the printed versions. However, this seemingly simple task opened the door to a world of creative possibilities. It was an opportunity to infuse our design expertise with the visionary artistry of Tariq Oliver, enriching the project and elevating it to new heights. This collaboration allowed us to explore the intersection of music and visual artistry, enabling us to contribute significantly to the essence and narrative of 'Lies about the War.'

What we did

In the 'Lies about the War' project, our role was multifaceted, breathing life into Jacob Banks' artistic vision.

Taking creative control over the 12" vinyl and gatefold CD covers, we ensured every element resonated with the soulful narrative of 'Lies about the War.' These printed covers transcended mere protective sleeves; they became gateways into Jacob Banks' world, conveying passion and depth.

We further amplified the album's digital presence by harnessing Apple Music's animated album cover feature. This innovative addition not only enhanced engagement but also added a captivating interactive layer, making 'Lies about the War' even more enticing for streaming audiences.

Our contributions extended to creating lyric videos for the singles 'By Design' and 'Bang' from the album, providing a visual dimension to accompany the music. In the digital realm, we curated promotions across various social media platforms, building anticipation and excitement among Jacob Banks' audience for the album's release.

In summary, we translated music into a resonant visual language for Jacob Banks' audience, ensuring 'Lies about the War' was not just heard but also seen, felt, and etched into memory, with a keen eye for incorporating "retracted" visual elements.

The outcome

Our collaborative efforts for 'Lies about the War' culminated in a resounding success that left an indelible mark on Jacob Banks' musical journey and the industry at large. The impact of our work was palpable as 'Lies about the War' contributed significantly to Jacob Banks' multi-millions of monthly streams. The dynamic animated album cover on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify played a pivotal role in capturing and retaining listeners' attention, fostering an engaging and immersive experience. The result was a remarkable surge in streaming numbers, a testament to the powerful fusion of music and visual artistry.

Our design and creative direction for the 12" vinyl and gatefold CD covers translated seamlessly into the physical realm. These covers became more than protective shells; they became cherished collector's items. The demand soared, leading to sold-out vinyl and CD sales, underlining the enduring appeal of tangible music experiences in a digital age.

The album artwork we crafted for 'Lies about the War' achieved what few can claim: it became widely recognised as iconic. Beyond merely serving as a cover, it became a symbol synonymous with Jacob Banks' musical identity. Its visual allure drew in fans and piqued the curiosity of newcomers, transcending its role as a visual companion to the music, establishing itself as a standalone work of art.

In conclusion, our collaboration on 'Lies about the War' manifested as a resounding success. We contributed to the exponential growth of Jacob Banks' streaming presence, witnessed the triumph of physical sales, and bestowed upon the world an album artwork that will be remembered for generations to come. This project not only reinforced the synergy between music and design but also exemplified the enduring power of visual storytelling in the realm of music.

The strong rapport forged between Question Marque and Banks, along with his dedicated team, has solidified Question Marque's position as Banks' enduring creative agency for all forthcoming projects.

"I'm absolutely thrilled with Question Marque's work on 'Lies about the War.' Their creativity and commitment brought my vision to life, from the captivating album artwork to the innovative animated covers. They've become an integral part of my creative journey, and I eagerly look forward to our future collaborations."

Jacob Banks


"Question Marque were great to work with"

Jordan Stein

Artist Manager & Co-founder Nobody Records

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