Google Workspace

Elevating Collaboration: How Studio Question Marque and Across the Pond Transformed Google Workspace into a Global Success Story.
Google Workspace
May 2022
Design: Joshua Darby (Question Marque), Tom Kilburn (ATP), Copy: Radhika Kapur (ATP), Project Manager: Mark Pluck (ATP)

As a creative agency, Studio Question Marque collaborated with Across the Pond to promote the Google Workspace suite of applications across the UK, EMEA, including France, Germany, and India. Our objective was to drive awareness and adoption of the Google Workspace suite of applications among businesses and individuals, emphasizing its collaborative features and cloud-based capabilities. As part of the campaign, we created a series of web banners and social media posts for LinkedIn.

The opportunity

We took a three-pronged approach to the campaign. First, we identified the key pain points that businesses and individuals face with traditional desktop software applications, such as the need for constant updates and the inability to collaborate in real-time. Second, we emphasised the unique features of Google Workspace, such as cloud storage, real-time collaboration, and simplified updates. Finally, we highlighted the ease of use and accessibility of the applications, which are available on any device with an internet connection.

What we did

To achieve our objective, we created a series of web banners and social media posts designed to target different audiences across the EMEA, including the UK, France, Germany, and India. We focussed on collaboration as a key theme of the campaign, highlighting how Google Workspace can help businesses and individuals to work together seamlessly from anywhere.

Our web banners featured bold, eye-catching imagery and emphasised the collaborative features of Google Workspace, such as real-time editing and commenting. The social media posts were designed to be informative, concise, and shareable, highlighting the key benefits of Google Workspace in a conversational tone. We chose LinkedIn as the primary social media platform, given its popularity among professionals and businesses.

The outcome

Our campaign was a success, with a significant increase in awareness and adoption of Google Workspace suite of applications among businesses and individuals. The web banners received high click-through rates and generated a significant amount of traffic to the Google Workspace website. The social media posts generated high engagement rates, with many users sharing the posts and commenting on the benefits of Google Workspace. Overall, our collaborative approach helped to position Google Workspace as a leading provider of cloud-based productivity applications and increased adoption of the suite of applications across the UK, EMEA, France, Germany, and India.

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