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June 2022
Brand Identity
Brand Implementation
Web Design
Creative Director:Joshua Darby, Brand Strategy: Michael Darby (Pod Design Consultants) and Bob Knott (Timbre Strategies, Animation: Franc
Design & Architecture

Catina, a SaaS company rooted in the legacy of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and its sub-product, 'AIA Contract Documents,' represents a unique and innovative force in the construction industry. Established as a newly formed entity, Catina's origins trace back to the venerable year of 1857. Their mission, revolves around leveraging digital platforms to reduce risk and enhance efficiency within the construction sector. Through a strategic partnership with The American Institute of Architects and the application of proprietary technology, Catina empowers architects, contractors, building owners, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions and build smarter structures.

The opportunity

When Catina approached Question Marque, the challenge was to build upon the foundations laid by the legendary designer Michael Bierut and his esteemed New York based, Pentagram team. Bierut's team had initially crafted the corporate identity for Catina, but due to the evolving nature of the project, this work represented only the beginning stages of the brand's development. The opportunity lay in refining and expanding upon this initial vision as Catina continued to evolve.

What we did

Question Marque, in collaboration with the esteemed brand strategy consultancy Timbre Strategies, undertook a comprehensive project to refine and amplify Catina's visual identity during a pivotal phase of the organisations growth. This endeavour was complemented by the foundational brand strategy and messaging previously developed by Pod Design Consultants. Together, our multifaceted team worked diligently to craft a diverse array of essential deliverables.

These deliverables spanned various facets of Catina's brand ecosystem, including the design and development of their website, the creation of compelling trade show assets, the design of engaging ebooks, the production of professional printed stationery, and the refinement of internal communications. This concerted effort aimed to align Catina's visual identity with its evolving strategic goals and brand narrative.

As the brand journeyed towards its highly anticipated launch, an instrumental shift in strategy emerged. Catina evolved from a standalone entity into a collaborative endeavor, seamlessly integrating the well-established AIA Contract Documents identity with the influential support and backing of Catina. This strategic pivot marked a crucial milestone in Catina's path to becoming a recognised and influential player in the construction industry.

The outcome

Catina is still in its nascent stages, actively working to establish its distinct identity apart from the AIA. The visual identity of Catina is an ever-evolving reflection of the dynamic nature of the business itself. Despite the inherent complexities of the launch and the strategic shift towards a combined identity with AIA Contract Documents, the Catina brand is steadily gaining recognition and establishing its presence within the industry.

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