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A positive direction

Company culture defines who you are and how you’re seen, and only grows in significance as the modern workplace continues to evolve. This Way enables businesses to build and maintain a strong employer brand that both supports culture and values people, as well as helping mobilise and connect with the right people through HR and managerial training. In addition to working directly with organisations through several HR services, This Way provides workshops and one-on-one help to individuals who are unemployed or facing redundancy through various support workshops.

We needed to create an identity that spoke to both businesses and individuals, communicating an empathetic tone and moving in a positive direction. We achieved this by conceiving an icon of the logo that wrapped a heart round an arrow. In addition, we created a suite of assets for This Way to launch to market with, successfully helping it secure an array of new business within its first year of trading.

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Huge thank you to Jamie Cooper and Jo Vessey as This Way.

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